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We are pleased to offer our cosmetic patients the opportunity to purchase Insurance Coverage through Cosmetic Protect.    

This is a supplemental Insurance for patients having cosmetic procedures that helps protect you in the event of a surgical complication.  This coverage lasts for 45 days after the surgery.

What is CosmeticProtect?

CosmeticProtect is a unique insurance program that provides patients protection from the stress and financial burdens that arise as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery.

CosmeticProtect provides coverage for some of the most common elective cosmetic surgeries.   

CosmeticProtect is offered only to Board Certified and Board Eligible plastic surgeons and is underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, an A rated, admitted carrier.

Covered Procedures

Once enrolled, patients undergoing one or more of the following procedures qualify to receive specific benefits in the event of a covered complication:


Lower Body Lift

Breast Augmentation                                                   




Breast Reduction                                                         

Thigh Lift


Upper Arm Lift

Breast Implant Removal                                             

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Breast Implant Removal with Replacement              



My health insurance won't pay for complications?" 

The fact is complications, although rare, do happen and due to the nature of your surgery being elective, those complications are not covered by most major medical health plans. In the event there is a complication from your surgery, you will be responsible for the out-of-pocket costs of treatment. With today's increasing health care costs, this can really add up, leaving you financially burdened as well as mentally and emotionally stressed.

Physicians participating in CosmeticProtect have chosen to help alleviate the worries of these financial burdens. They understand your decision to have an elective cosmetic surgical procedure may have taken months, even years, to make. They know it was a very personal choice, and they have gone the extra mile to make you feel comfortable about the procedure you have chosen. 

Covered Complications

Only complications which occur and are treated within 45 days after the procedure are covered, and patients must be enrolled in the CosmeticProtect program in order to receive the benefits specified for the following complications: 

Cardiopulmonary Related 


Pulmonary Dysfunction

Cardiac Arrest

Pulmonary Embolus

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Rule Out Deep Vein Thrombosis

Fluid Overload

Rule Out Myocardial Infarction


Rule Out Pulmonary Embolus

Myocardial Infarction


Surgery Related



Anesthesia Related 

Severe hypotension (systolic blood pressure equal to or less than 80 three hours after the covered procedure)

Severe hypertension (systolic blood pressure equal to or greater than 200 or a diastolic blood pressure equal to or greater than 100 three hours after the covered procedure).

Benefit Schedule

Benefit Maximum Amount

Inpatient Hospital Expense

100% of Usual & Customary up to $5,000 per day up to a maximum of 45 days

Intensive Care / Trauma Expense

Additional $1,000 per day at 100% of Usual and Customary up to a maximum of 10 days

Emergency Medical Expense

100% of Usual and Customary up to $2,500

Ambulance Expense

100% of Usual and Customary up to $2,000

Follow-Up Outpatient Physician Expense

100% of Usual and Customary up to $1,500

Outpatient Procedure to Rule Out Deep Vein Thrombosis

100% of Usual and Customary up to $750

Additional Coverage Conditions

Benefit Period:

Only covered expenses incurred during the 6 months from the date coverage is initiated are eligible for reimbursement.

Other Insurance Provision:

The coverage provided by CosmeticProtect is payable only in excess of other valid and collectible insurance.


 Coverage is based on Tier and Procedure:







Upper Arm Lift


Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery








Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Breast Reduction

Brow Lift

Face Lift








Lower Body Lift


Thigh Lift





The fees above are one time fees paid by the patient for this *cosmetic surgical procedure(s) coverage and cover patient for 45 days from the date of their cosmetic surgery.


  • PLEASE NOTE:  CosmeticProtect is NOT revisionary coverage. 

If the doctor recommends a revision to a cosmetic procedure to improve the outcome for the patient any fees related to the revision are the patient’s responsibility. This would include doctor’s fee and hospital fees.  (facility fee and anesthesia fee)

What is excluded?

The policy does not cover loss nor provide benefits for:

  • Expenses resulting from any declared or undeclared war;
  • Suicide, attempted suicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  • Expenses while in the armed forces of any country;
  • Expenses covered by any workers' compensation or occupational disease law;
  • The patient being under the influence of alcohol or drugs unless taken on a physician's advice;
  • Treatment provided in a governmental hospital unless the patient is legally obligated to pay such charges;
  • Experimental or investigative service, supply, or treatment;
  • Sickness or disease, mental incapacity or bodily infirmity, except as provided for herein;
  • Infections of any kind, except as provided for herein;
  • Treatment for mental disorders;
  • Medical expenses that are a result of a patient's dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results of a surgical procedure, or additional surgery to improve the appearance of the affected area;
  • Treatment that is normally managed on an outpatient basis by a plastic surgeon such as, but not limited to, minor infections, tissue sloughing, and hematoma;
  • Charges related to transportation, except where specifically covered in the policy;
  • Charges for items or services of convenience, including but not limited to: admission kits, telephones, slippers, or homemaker services; supportive service focusing on activities of daily life such as bathing, dressing, feeding, or skin and/or bladder care; administration of oral medication or eye drops, except as specifically covered in the policy; or
  • Any services, supplies, or treatment furnished by the patient or a patient's immediate family.