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Latisse™ is the first and only treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that can actually make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Designed to improve hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes), it is a prescription solution that can enhance the eyelashes and make them darker and longer.

A topical prescription product that you can use at home, Latisse™ is composed of a solution that has been clinically proven to improve thickness, darkness, and growth of eyelashes. Latisse™ is to be applied daily over a period of about four to eight weeks.  Many patients experience the best results of Latisse™ after about 16 weeks of use.

Patients with certain allergies and other conditions may not be candidates for Latisse™. Some patients may also experience side effects including darkening of the skin, redness, and irritation. There may also be potential for increased brown iris pigmentation after using Latisse™.  You should not use Latisse™ if you have Glaucoma, or there is family history of Glaucoma.


Latisse™Optimal results in four months.

$175.00  5ml box